Sacyr iChallenges was created with the objective of identifying proposals in the ecosystem that help us respond to our challenges. Our philosophy is based on transforming these proposals into new products, services and even new business models.

During the more than five years that the program has been running, we have developed great projects all over the world. Projects that are based on some of the most disruptive technologies, that have great potential for results and allow us optimize our operation all around the world.

11 November 2022

Sacyr Innovation Summit 2022

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25 November 2022

Sacyr Foundation Innovation Awards

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The objective of the project is to optimize the use of electrical energy by means of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms in the Moncloa interchange facilities.

Design and implementation of a technological platform that allows us to automatically and reliably calculate the impact of our activities on natural capital.

15 December 2021

NBI wins the Sacyr Innovation Awards

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20 October 2021

Sacyr Innovation Summit 2021

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12 January 2023

Solar energy to air-condition Moncloa’s Interchanger

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A solar energy collection system has been implemented from flexible organic panels, on the roofs of Moncloa’s transport interchanger.

Solution focused on the anticipation of ground behavior, analyzing dozens of ground variables, rainfall and satellite radar, building static and dynamic models of geotechnical behave and predicting possible slope movements.

16 March 2023

Slope movements with satellite radar

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Carbon Tracker: Measuring and reporting your carbon footprint

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The carbon footprint associated with Sacyr’s main activities has been measured and reported while analyzing the data transmitted by suppliers in scenarios in Chile and Spain.

Tool based on big data for automated analysis of dozens of information sources and early identification of business opportunities.

28 November 2019

Artabro wins the Sacyr Innovation Awards

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8 March 2021

Machine Learning for new business opportunities

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16 November 2019

Sacyr Digital Day

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We use artificial vision algorithms based on neural networks to count and classify vehicles in conditions of reduced visibility in order to reduce waiting times and improve safety in our tolls.

An IoT technology solution has been installed to monitor in real time the routines of dependent people belonging to the HAS (Home Assistance System) of Coslada (Madrid, Spain) in order to improve the quality of life of people in their own homes.

11 December 2019

Kwido, one of the best proposals from Sacyr iChallenges

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11 March 2020

Tecnology for the care and well-being of the elderly

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10 May 2019

Predictive maintenance on roads

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Artificial vision system for automatic detection of defects or cracks in the pavement and analysis of the condition of road signs.

Tool based on machine learning models for the prediction of the deterioration of roads’ pavement in the long term.

8 March 2021

AI for safer roads

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18 February 2019

A world with less waste

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17 May 2021

IoT technology also applies to waste

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The pilot consisted on an installation of various several waste containers that provide incentives to the users who recycle in the town, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona.